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Tasting Packs
Discover great craft beer from our hand selected tasting packs, delivered cold and ready to drink, complete with tasting notes for you and a mate! 
From $24 for a 4-pack.

+ Add delivery fee of $5.
Paddle + glasses sold separately.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is included in a Tasting Pack?
There are a lot of tasting packs and beer subscription services available. We are a bit different.... our tasting packs are designed to work hand in glove with our keg choices, giving you the opportunity to safely explore the world of craft beer and choose your favourites by the keg with confidence. Each tasting pack arrives cold and ready to enjoy, complete with a personalised beer tasting placemat for you and a mate. Sit down and share each tinnie and discuss the flavours and experience. Give each beer a heart rating and then decide what to order for your next keg. Stay tuned for Beerlove tasting paddle kits to round out the brewery experience, coming soon! 
What beers are typically on offer?
We exclusively partner with independent craft breweries, as defined by our brewery partner criteria based on ownership structure, investment in stainless and of course quality of the beer. Our goal is to publish a beer list each month that features a great selection of Australia's top breweries and all key styles of beer. From highly session-able mid-strength options, through to clean & crisp lagers and pilsners, all the way to the wide world of IPA styles and ABV strengths, and of course dialling up key seasonal favourites like winter stouts and porters or summer sours! You love NEIPA's and IIPA's..... no problem! Fancy a bold RED IPA as the weather cools.... no dramas! As we grow, so will the number of breweries we can partner with and the width of the range we can offer! 
How does Beerlove manage beer quality?
It all starts with the breweries we partner with. We love sticklers for quality. The more they grill us on our processes and cleaning standards, the better. We have worked with the top beer consultant in Australia to review and certify all processes for filling kegs, washing kegs and cleaning beer lines. Our aim is to always remain well under  the established industry quality thresholds. 
Partnering with Australia's top craft breweries

We support Independent craft breweries who share our passion for great beer! 

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